Tehran (IP) - The chief commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps says that today one who should make sanctions useless is Iran’s nation.

Iran PressIran News: Delivering a speech at the national conference of managers of the foundation for preservation and dissemination of sacred defense values, Major-General Hossein Salami noted: "Today we do not need JCPOA since we have formed our life without it."

“We will not rely on the US; it cannot feed its own people, millions of them sleep on the streets, we do rely on God,” he added.

Salami went on to say that today, the enemy focuses on preserving US’ congress, in the heart of the US, its army defends the congress.

“We are resisting more powerful than before since we have found the ways of overcoming enemies through the leader’s guidance,” Salami added.

"The enemies put maximum pressure on the Iranian nation and made psychological war, but we have always preserved the Islamic Revolution since we know that enemies are thinking about conspiracies, although they just made themselves tired," Salami highlighted.

"We have been through all difficulties, although sanctions exist, Iranian resistance is endless," he said.

Referring to the Sacred Defense, Salami said that after the sacred defense conspiracies getting more complex, new fronts were created against Iranians in terms of culture, economy, religion, and security. Still, the sacred defense made us more powerful and more resilient.

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Sacred defense, key to make Iran stronger

“Sacred defense made Iranian resilient, eliminated their fear of powers, and proved that by relying on Islam and God, they could defeat all the world’s power," the IRGC chief underlined.

"Sacred Defense's effects should not halt; we must believe that if there were no Sacred Defense, we would have faced difficulties in the next wars at larger scales," Salami added.

Pointing to late Imam Khomeini’s role in the Islamic Revolution, Salami said that Imam Khomeini passed Iran through difficulties and help Iranians survived.

Hossein Salami concluded that Sacred Defense is a part of Iran’s identity, an endless role model, and its experience should be transferred to the next generations so that the Culture of Resistance will empower in the society.


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