Iran's top military commander:

Tehran (IP) - Chief of Joint Staff of Iran's Armed Forces said that the sacred defense lessons are necessary for Iran to become stronger.

Iran PressIran News: Major General Mohammad Bagheri emphasized: "If our goal is to thwart sanctions, we must strengthen cyberspace in terms of political, cultural, and defense concerns."

Pointing out that the Iranian nation should not expect arrogance to change the method against Iran, he added that the enemy has been trying to take over the world for centuries. The Islamic Revolution has stood in its way.

Major Gen. Bagheri stated that the United States had exerted maximum pressure on Iran in the last two years. Iran has implemented a resistance strategy and has taken extensive measures.

Referring to the Armed Forces' recent exercise, he noted that the Armed Forces conducted 10 exercises with authority as Naval exercises, drones, medium-range, long-range, and short-range missiles, and ground tests in 20 days.

Major Gen. Bagheri said that the United States, which thought that the Islamic Republic of Iran would not see the 22nd of Bahman (the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution's victory) last year, has faced crises in its country today. The capital of this country has become a barracks.

He stressed that now the Americans, who had once introduced themselves as a role model for democracy globally, believe that the presidential election was rigged and manipulated.

Emphasizing that the decline of liberal democracy in the United States has begun, Iran’s top military official said that this is due to the blessings of Iran's Islamic Revolution and the holy defense.

Gen. Bagheri referred to the Zionist regime's plight and said that hundreds of people gathered at the door of the Israeli Prime Minister and demanded that Netanyahu be held accountable for his financial corruption.

He concluded that the holy defense was a factor of pride, sincerity, courage, self-confidence, and self-sacrifice for the Iranian nation.

National Conference of the Foundation for the Preservation of works and the Publication of the Values ​​of Sacred Defense was held in the presence of Chief of Staff of Iran's Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Bagheri, and Iran’s Police Chief Brigadier- General Hossein Ashtari.


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