Tehran (IP) - The director of the clinical trial of the Iranian COVID-19 vaccine announced that the second phase of human trials would begin as early as March.

Iran Press/Iran News: In an interview on Saturday night, Mohammad Reza Salehi stated that in the second phase, 500 people would probably be vaccinated daily.

Regarding the recombinant flu vaccine, Salehi noted that the fever caused by the vaccine was very common and in some cases caused a cold-like condition.

After 14 days from the beginning of the “COVO-Iran Barakat” human trials and due to the absence of any side effects and symptoms and the issuance of the necessary licenses, the second dose of the Iranian coronavirus vaccine was given to the first three volunteers on Tuesday, January 12th.

Each volunteer will have a second injection two weeks after the first injection and under the necessary medical care.


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