Caracas (IP)- Venezuelan officials held a ceremony to commemorate Martyr General Soleimani.

Iran PressAmerica: Local officials in the Venezuelan capital, Caracas, held a memorial service in honor of the martyred General Qasem Soleimani in SiIramon Bolivar Square.

This square is one of the most important areas in Caracas, which also houses the statue of Bolivar, a famous Latin American revolutionary and historian.

The commemoration ceremony of Gen. Soleimani was held in the presence of Mrs. "Erica Farias," Mayor of Caracas, "Jacqueline Faria," the head of the local government of this city, and "Hojjatullah Soltani," the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Venezuela.

As part of the ceremony, the book "My Uncle Soleimani!" was unveiled; This book is for Spanish-speaking children and adolescents and has been published by the international publication "Lighthouse."

Also, along with the book "My Uncle Soleimani! ", the first edition of the children's magazine "Step One," a new Lighthouse Publications production, was granted to the children present at the ceremony.


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