The Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of Serbia and the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Belgrade emphasized further expansion and development of cooperation in various fields of agriculture based on the interests of the two countries.

Iran PressEurope: On Thursday, Branislav Nedimović met with Rashid Hassanpour to discuss Serbia's capacities, progress and comparative advantages in the agricultural and livestock sectors, and the efforts made in recent years to revive and expand cooperation between the two countries.

He emphasized that through efforts and exchanges and consultations between the two countries, a solution will be found to further develop cooperation between Belgrade and Tehran in various fields of agriculture.

The Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Serbia also said: "The main pillar of relations between Iran and Serbia is cooperation in the field of agriculture, and the political will of the two countries has always been based on the comprehensive development of cooperation."

Hassanpour noted that the comparative advantages of Iran and Serbia in different economic sectors can complement each other.

He expressed hope that as a result of positive developments in the regional and international arenas, a better environment for the expansion and promotion of relations would be provided for both Iran and Serbia. 219