Sistan and Balouchestan (IP)- A foreign submarine was traced during the Iran Army naval exercise of Iqtedar-99 in the northern Indian Ocean.

Iran Press/Iran News: The Naval Exercise of the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran, dubbed as Iqtedar-99, started yesterday (Wednesday) in the coastal region of Makran and the North Indian Ocean with Iran's participation Navy units.

The foreign submarine was spotted approaching the exercise area by Iranian anti-submarine helicopters on Thursday.

The vessel immediately left the area once it realized it had been seen, according to the public relations office of the Iranian Army statement.

The two-day naval drills began on Wednesday in the Southeastern region of Makran Coast and the Northern Indian Ocean while a home-grown giant vessel, Makran, was delivered to the Navy.

In the first phase of the exercises, the Army's surface, subsurface, and flight units were expanded to the wargames' general zone to continue their specialized exercises according to the specified scenario. 

The huge warship Makran is a domestically-manufactured helicopter carrier that can be used for logistical purposes to support the naval forces' maritime missions.

On the second day of massive wargames dubbed as Eqtedar 99 on Thursday, the Iranian naval forces successfully fired several types of cruise missiles.


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