Tehran (IP)- The Commander of the Iranian Navy stated that the main mission of the Iran-made Makran forward base ship was to support the navy in the oceans and high seas.

Iran Press/Iran News: Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi, Commander of the Iranian Navy, in an interview with Iran's TV on Wednesday night, noting that Makran is the largest military vessel and has the capacity of a small port, added: The navy has a large fleet and covers almost the entire northern Indian Ocean.

Stating that most of Iran's commercial vessels operate on the Suez Canal, where is unsafe these days, Rear Admiral Khanzadi noted: They need water, fuel, and other supplies at sea.

"The Makran forward base ship can carry five helicopters,100,000 tons of fuel and fresh water and supply them to the vessels in various locations. The vessel is capable of making voyages for 1,000 days without a port call," said the Iranian Navy commander.

In September, Navy Commander had said that Makran was the country’s largest military vessel carrying five helicopters. It could support the naval forces and warships in the high seas, especially in the northern Indian Ocean, Bab el-Mandeb Strait, and the Red Sea.

The Makran navigator joined the navy of the Islamic Republic of Iran on Wednesday. 


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