Rouhani: Macro, strategic issues must be planned away from tension

Tehran (IP) - Speaking at the 166th meeting of the government's economic coordination headquarters, President Rouhani stressed the need to increase interaction between the government and parliament and pay attention to the country's realities in the budget bill, saying that the country's macro and strategic issues should be kept away from tensions and should not be politicized.

Iran PressIran News: Hassan Rouhani also stated that food security is one of the pillars of sustainable development of countries and described the plan to develop oilseed cultivation as examples of achieving a 'Surge in Production', a national self-sufficiency step to ensure the country's food security.

Rouhani added: "Due to the cruel sanctions of the enemies, by order of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, we have hugely increased the area under oilseeds, because the cultivation of oilseeds is essential according to the needs of the country."

In the session, it was decided that the Ministry of Jihad and Agriculture's plan be finalized and be given priority to the country's infrastructure plans.


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