Tehran (IP) - The Kyrgyz ambassador to Tehran stressed the development of strategic cooperation in the transportation and transit of goods through Iranian ports and announced Bishkek's readiness to transit goods through Iran's southern ports.

Iran PressAsia: Meeting with Iran's Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) Mohammad Rastad, the Kyrgyz ambassador to Tehran due to the border's closure between China and Kyrgyzstan, the transit of goods through the southern ports of Iran to the Sarakhs-Kyrgyzstan border is of considerable importance.

Mohammad Rastad welcomed the expansion of bilateral cooperation between Iran and Kyrgystan and said Iran was ready to upgrade its port, navigation, and training capabilities to benefit Kyrgyzstan.

"Due to the active presence of operators and appropriate equipment in the north and south of Iran, it is possible to provide services with the highest quality and the lowest cost to the owners of goods, and to encourage them, discounts for transit items have been allowed for," Rastad said, highlighting the port potentials in the coastal strip of southern and northern Iran. 

He also referred to the trilateral memorandum of understanding signed between Iran, India, and Afghanistan to develop the Chabahar transit port. He stressed that other countries could join the MoU and enjoy its unique features, which has provided good opportunities for the Kyrgyz businessmen. 

In the bilateral meeting, it was decided to form a technical working group to study further the cooperation between Iran and Kyrgyzstan to transit goods through the Iranian southern ports.


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