IP: US Trade Representative’s (USTR) office announced that it would impose an additional 15 percent tariff on aircraft parts, including fuselage and wing assemblies, and a 25 percent duty on certain wines.

Iran PressAmerica:  According to Aljazeera news network, talks between Washington and Brussels to end the battle have stalled in the final weeks of the Donald Trump administration, a European source familiar with the matter told the Reuters news agency.

Washington had also pushed to reach a separate solution with the United Kingdom, which has a share in Airbus but has exited the EU.

Airbus said USTR’s expansion of tariffs to include aircraft components made in France and Germany was “counterproductive” and would wind up harming US workers at its Mobile, Alabama site where it assembles A320 and A220 aircraft.

The measure will hit A320 production which uses components from France and Germany, while the A220 production does not, according to an Airbus spokesman.

The initial effects may be muted since aerospace companies generally procure large components such as wings and fuselages well in advance to ensure smooth production flows.


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