Tehran (IP): Head of Iran’s Strategic Council on Foreign Relations stated that in the last four years, strategic changes had taken place in the relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and South Korea, and this makes the future of relations different from the past.

Iran PressIran News:  South Korean Deputy Foreign Minister Choi Jong-Kun met with Kamal Kharazi, Head of Iran’s Strategic Council on Foreign Relations, emphasizing the importance of Iran-South Korea relations Seoul's determination to expand cooperation.

Choi Jong-Kun expressed regret over the unwanted problems created in the relations between the two countries, and at the same time expressed hope that by solving the existing problems, effective steps can be taken for the sustainable development of relations and cooperation between the two countries.

Referring to the Iranian nation's respect for the Korean people, Kharrazi strongly criticized the approach of the South Korean government and companies in surrendering to US pressure and participating in US sanctions against the Iranian people, saying: "In the past, good relations were established between Iran and South Korea. But now, unfortunately, due to the South Korean government's compliance with US pressure, $ 7 billion in Iranian assets have been blocked in Korean banks, and we cannot even use that money to buy medicine.

He added: "In recent years, Korean companies have missed good opportunities in Iran, and sanctions have made Iran focus on domestic production capacity so that now we are self-sufficient in many things, including home appliances.”

“If relations between the two countries are normal in the future, from now on, Korean companies should think about investing, transferring technical knowledge and participate in the production, instead of selling their goods to our country,” the Iranian official noted.

The Deputy Foreign Minister of South Korea also briefed Iran's official on his meetings with officials in Tehran and expressed his satisfaction with the possibility of making a phone call to the captain of the seized Korean ship in Iran and the consular access of the Korean embassy to the ship's crew. 

He emphasized the need to improve relations between Seoul and Tehran, stressing that his visit to Iran should have occurred before.

Kharrazi added that a Korean ship's seizure is a completely technical and legal matter, which is up to the judiciary, which independently pursues the case.

"Korean ships continue to travel in the Persian Gulf like other ships, and this shows that the seizure of the ship is not politically-motivated," Kharrazi noted.


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