Iran's Zarif:

Iran (IP)- Iran's Foreign Minister and First Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of South Korea held a meeting in Tehran on Monday.  

Iran PressIran News: First Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of South Korea Choi Jong Kun, who is heading a delegation of South Korean political and financial officials on a trip to Tehran, held a meeting with Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif to examine the difficulties of ties between the two countries.

During the meeting, Zarif described the restriction on Iran's foreign exchange resources with Korean banks as the biggest obstacle to developing relations between the two countries in the current situation, calling on the Korean government to take the necessary measures to remove these obstacles as soon as possible.

"Considering the health and economic consequences of coronavirus, in the current situation, the main priority of the relations between the two countries is to provide access to these resources," Zarif stressed.

 Zarif added: "The illegal actions of Korean banks have negatively affected Korea's public mind and have seriously damaged the country's image. Therefore, Iran's Parliament representatives highlighted their legal right to enter the issue, stressing that the problem must be resolved as soon as possible."

The Korean official also stressed his country's will to solve the problem, stating that Seoul will do its best to access these resources.

Referring to the ship's seizure belonging to South Korea, the Korean official called for an immediate solution to the issue.

In this regard, Zarif elaborated that the Korean ship has been seized due to the pollution it created in the Persian Gulf, so it is only a technical issue that is being addressed within the framework of legal and judicial regulations, and of course, the government cannot interfere in this judicial process.


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