Shoulder joint mobilization robot designed, built in Iran

Tehran (IP) - The first shoulder joint mobilization robot was designed and built by an Iranian physiotherapist and medical robotics specialist.

Iran PressIran News: The shoulder joint mobilization robot is one of the physiotherapy equipment that rehabilitates and treats intra-articular disorder of the shoulder (hypomobility) with joint mobilization techniques.

The device has been designed and made for the first time globally, in the form of a Ph.D. dissertation by Mohammad Hassan Azarsa, a physiotherapist and a medical robotics doctor at Tehran University of Medical Sciences.

The Iranian inventor said the robot could perform joint mobilization techniques that a physiotherapist must perform with his fingers on the shoulder joint, simulate them using a force sensor and a displacement sensor, and effectively treat the patient's shoulder joint disorder with different movements in different directions.

"Using this robot will help make physiotherapy techniques more accurate for the joint resuscitation and its movement without pain, and make the treatment process easier and faster," Azarsa added.


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