Tehran (IP) – Iranian parliament speaker said that the US' return to the JCPOA was of no importance for Iran, stating that what matters is the actual removal of the sanctions imposed on the country by the West.

Iran PressIran News: In his pre agenda speech on today's parliament open session, Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf said that the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) was not sacred for Iran, and the officials had just accepted it to remove the sanctions.

He noted that the wise and thoughtful statements of the Leader of the Revolution on the anniversary of the historic uprising of the people of Qom outlined the future of a strong Iran and addressed the roadmap for pursuing the people's demands to all of the country officials.

"The country's main strategy in the face of the enemy is to neutralize the sanctions and to do so, power must be generated in the country," he highlighted.

"The era of cost-free sanctions is over," the speaker asserted.

"The West must know that they should recognize the Iranian nation's rights, and if they put pressure on Iran, they must be prepared to pay the appropriate price," he pointed.

"Without seeking to withdraw from the agreement and according to Articles 36 and 37 of JCPOA, Iran has the right not to fulfill its obligations against the non-fulfillment of the other parties' obligations," Ghalibaf said.

"Thus, we firmly declare that Iran will fulfill its obligations when other parties also fulfill theirs and lift all sanctions and executive orders of President Trump," he asserted.

"Biden's signature is not a guarantee for us, and the Obama-Biden administration has shown that we should not be optimistic about the legal lifting of sanctions."

Ghalibaf also praised the family of Martyr Fakhrizadeh.

He stated that strengthening and developing the research was one of the goals of Martyr Fakhrizadeh, and in this direction, he made precious efforts and successes; this project is on the agenda of the parliament.


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