Tehran (IP) - Speaking on the occasion of the anniversary of the uprising of the people of Qom in January 9, 1978, the Leader of the Islamic evolution regarding the coronavirus crisis and the US and British vaccines said that American and British vaccines are not allowed to enter Iran.

Iran PressIran News: "The last issue is the corona. First, the Corona vaccine is a source of pride; Do not deny this. This is a source of honor. Of course, they are looking for vaccines in different ways. In one case, it reached the human test and succeeded in it." Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei said.

In other parts of his statements,the Leader added:

- When they made these centrifuges, some of the great scientists wrote a letter that you should not be fooled by them, they cannot do this. But you saw where it went. The same thing happened with stem cells. When they did this great thing, some people gave the message that you should not believe this much. Some told me it was not very acceptable. We believed and we made ten times progress. It has already become a human test, and God willing, it will be more complete, and it has been successful so far, and it will continue to be successful, God willing. I thank all the staff.

American and British vaccines are not allowed to enter the country. This scandal would not have happened in their own country if the Americans had been able to produce the vaccine.

- I really do not trust these either. Sometimes it wants to try the vaccine on other nations. We are not optimistic about France either because they have a history of contaminated blood. But if he wants to import from another place that the officials are sure of, there is no problem.


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