Tehran (IP) - Reacting to the recent events in the US Capitol, Iran's foreign minister stated that "a rogue president who sought vengeance against his own people has been doing much worse to our people and others in the past 4 years."

Iran Press/Iran News: In his tweet, Mohammad Javad Zarif noted that what's disturbing is that the same man has the "unchecked" authority to start a nuclear war; a security concern for the entire international community.

Chaos broke out during the electoral vote count in the US Congress on Wednesday, and angry supporters of Donald Trump entered the congress building.

The influx of supporters of the US president into Congress provoked officials' and senior diplomats' reactions worldwide.

Reacting to these events, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, said: "The events in the United States and the attack on the Congress building show the weakness and baselessness of Western democracy."


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