Tehran(IP)- Iran's Health Minister said that the country follows the most successful method of injecting and testing the coronavirus vaccine through human trials and serum antibody.

Iran Press/Iran News: Saeid Namaki added: "We will start developing the third phase of another vaccine on humans with a country that produces the vaccine at the Razi Institute in February".

Health Minister stated that by developing a new vaccine in Iran, the country is two years ahead of developing the previous coronavirus vaccine, and it has recently started the clinical phase.

He highlighted that the Ministry of Health is trying to make the Iranian coronavirus vaccine the safest vaccine and method.

Noting that the COVID vaccine is available in the country in various ways, the Iranian official added that a team had been considered to identify vulnerable people requiring the coronavirus vaccine.

Referring to the success of Martyr Soleimani's plan to prevent the coronavirus outbreak and stress the observance of health protocols by the people, Namaki said that Iran had achieved great success in the past week.

He stressed: "More than 3,500 individuals lost their lives in the United States last week. Over 1,000 deaths have also been reported in Britain, Germany, and Italy, while the COVID death toll has declined in Iran, reaching a two-digit number. 

Namaki expressed concern over red zones (four cities) in Mazandaran province, stressing that the Ministry of Health, Mazandaran Governor's Office, and Medical Sciences are making all efforts to contain the coronavirus outbreak.


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