Tehran (IP) - The Iranian ambassador to Kazakhstan called Abay Qunanbaiuly, a poet who loved Hakim Ferdowsi and other great Persian poets and writers and recited many works inspired by Iranian poets such as Ferdowsi, Hafez, Saadi, Nezami, and others.

Iran Press/Asia: Referring to different areas of relations between Iran and Kazakhstan, the Iranian Ambassador to Kazakhstan Majid Saber said that scientific-academic and cultural relations are the basis for other areas of cooperation.

He made the remarks at the international webinar “Abay and Persian and Turkish Poets” organized by al-Farabi University of Kazakhstan in the presence of the ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Referring to the publication of the book “The Path of Abay” in Iran and the installation of a statue of the Kazakh poet in the National Library of Iran, he suggested that in the cities of Nursultan and Almaty a street should be named Hafez and in Tehran and another city in Iran, a street should be named Abay.

Saber said Abay was a poet who knew Persian well and spoke Persian, a person who was familiar with the history and was able to better understand the history of the Kazakhs by reading first-hand books and sources in Persian.

The conference was attended by professors, orientalists and writers from al-Farabi, Eurasia, and Nur-Mubarak universities in Kazakhstan and intellectuals from Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, and Egypt, as well as the head of al-Farabi University's Middle East and South Asia faculty, director of Iran-Turan Studies Center, former Grand Mufti of Kazakhstan and several professors from the mentioned universities.

On behalf of Iran, the ambassador to Kazakhstan, as well as the consul-general in Almaty, professors from the universities of Tehran, Allameh Tabatabai and the Saadi Foundation delivered the speech.

The former Grand Mufti of Kazakhstan introduced Persian as the language of the Islamic world in a wide range of history and geography, which was known and created by almost all historical scholars and thinkers of Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

Referring to the translation of Iranian works in Kazakhstan and published research on Abay in Iran, the director of the Center for Scientific Studies of Iran-Turan at al-Farabi University praised the efforts made by the embassy and consulate general in Almaty.


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