Maria Zakharova

Moscow (IP) - Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman stressed that the US must return to the Iranian nuclear deal, also known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) without any preconditions or extra demands.

Iran Press/Europe: "We proceed from the understanding that the United States’ return to the fold of the JCPOA for the Iranian nuclear program must not be linked with any extra preconditions or requirements," Maria Zakharova said on Thursday, according to Tass News Agency.

Zakharova added: "We believe that progress in this respect will be achieved. We have taken note of the Iranian leadership’s repeated confirmations it is prepared to act precisely this way."

Maria Zakharova recalled that the participants in the foreign minister-level meeting of the JCPOA signatories confirmed precisely this kind of attitude to the agreement.

"Attempts to reconfigure the nuclear deal ended in failure," Zakharova said. "It is alive and will continue to be implemented systematically, just as the UN Security Council’s Resolution 2231 (on the nuclear deal) the way it was unanimously approved on July 20, 2015. All countries, including the United States, are obliged to comply with this resolution without any reservations."


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