Tehran (IP) - Iran's foreign ministry spokesman announced that the summoning of German and French envoys was to relay Iran's strong protest to Europe's support for an infamous terrorist element.

Iran Press/Iran news: Responding to a question on what went on during meetings that the German and French ambassadors were summoned, Saeed Khatibzadeh said Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the German Ambassador to Tehran Hans-Udo Muzel, and later on, summoned the French Ambassador to Tehran Philippe Thiébaud on Sunday to protest the anti-Iran statement by the European Union.

Khatibzadeh noted that the director-general of the foreign ministry’s Department for European Affairs conveyed Iran's protest to Thiébaud over an anti-Iran statement by the European Union.

Khatibzadeh explained that the Iranian foreign ministry's director-general notified the envoys of Iran's strong protest to the statements by the European Union and also the two European countries in support of an infamous terrorist element and financial and spiritual supports by certain European countries for terrorist groups and elements who specifically commit security offenses in cooperation with the spy services of the West and the Zionist regime against the Iranian nation as they have themselves explicitly confessed to their offenses.

During these meetings, the Iranian foreign ministry's director-general for Europe asked the German and French envoys that according to what standards, training to make bombs, planning for street clashes, cooperation with foreign governments, and intelligence services to topple the Iranian political structure and be an accomplice to armed offenses can be named journalism? Or according to what definition a journalist is under monitoring, protection, and cooperation with French internal security organization and in close contact with Mossad, engages in gathering large-scale sensitive intelligence, including military intelligence and giving that information to intelligence services of specific countries?, the Iranian foreign ministry spokesman stated.

He pointed out that in spite of French officials' being informed of anti-Iran moves and activities of Rouhollah Zam, the French foreign ministry had previously confirmed that Zam had been entirely free to conduct his activities.

Ruhollah Zam, director of the 'Amad News' telegram channel who called himself the so-called mastermind behind the unrest in Iran was executed by hanging on Saturday morning and brought to justice.


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