Tehran (IP) - Iran's government spokesman said that a general agreement between parliament, government, and foreign ministry was required to ratify the double-urgency plan of “Strategic Action to Lift Sanctions”.

Iran PressIran news: Speaking at his weekly press conference, Ali Rabiei, in response to Iran Press stated: "At present, we are dependent on organizations in charge of national security more than ever, and we need to keep them concentrated. The enemies act cruelly, and endanger our national security by assassinations."

He went on to say: "The government believes that such an important law, “Strategic Action to Lift Sanctions”, which affects people's livelihood, social issues and regional policies must be ratified through consulting with the government, which is not a high expectation."

"Some laws have a short-term effect while others are related to the future policies of Iran and affect all areas," he added.

Rabiei underscored: "Since it is an important issue, government members are expected to be consulted with. We can eventually reach a consensus afterward."

The Iranian government spokesman said that arrangements have been made, and the statement has been issued.

"According to regulations, the secretariat is a part of the Supreme National Security Council, and according to Article 176 of the Constitution, the president assigns the secretary," he stated.

"Two months ago, Iran's Parliament Speaker Mohammad-Baqer Qalibaf suggested the plan, and the national security ratified after making some changes to it. However, the Parliament was asked to consult with the Foreign Ministry and National Security Council," the official elaborated.

"The problem was that the ideas of the members of the National Security Council were neglected; therefore, the Parliament promise, consulting with Foreign Ministry and National Security Council, was not kept," he highlighted.

"The president and foreign minister believe that implantation of the plan of “Strategic Action to Lift Sanctions” will cause problems," the government spokesman concluded. 207

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