Based on the results of the semi-finals of the standard section of the online World Taekwondo Poomsae Championships, 9 Iranian athletes advanced to the finals of this round of competitions.

Iran Press/Iran news: The online World Poomsae Championship is being held with 401 participants from 79 countries in both standard and innovative individual sections.

Only the national team of each country could participate in the World Championships. Standard competitions in the age categories of 18 to 30 years, 31 to 40 years, 41 to 50 years, 51 to 60 years, 61 to 65 years and over 65 years are followed and in the innovative part is also performed by the Poomsae athletes in the age groups over 17 years old.

The results of the semi-final stage of the standard part of this round of competitions were announced today (Saturday) and 9 Iranian Poomsae players were able to reach the finals; The results of the innovative section will be announced tomorrow (Sunday).

The final competitions of the standard section will be held live from December 7 to 12 (every day, 2 age categories).


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