Tehran (IP) - Iran’s Health Minister said that the number of coronavirus death toll dropped below the forecast of the world's scientific institutions.

Iran Press/Iran News: Saeed Namaki noted that in the current situation, scientific institutions in the world predicted that Iran would have about 1,000 to 1,200 daily deaths due to coronavirus, but fortunately, with the cooperation of all public and government institutions as well as people, the prediction did not come true. According to the institutions' forecasts, Europe, the US, and many countries are in an unfavourable situation, he highlighted.

Emphasizing that the United States, Germany, and Britain have a large increase in coronavirus infections and deaths, he said that yesterday, Germany and the US had 432 and 2,800 deaths, respectively.

Namaki pointed out that the effective plan of Martyr Qassem Soleimani (A family-centered plan to manage and control the coronavirus epidemic in neighborhoods) reduced the death toll in Iran to less than 400, stating that the support of people made a great achievement in reducing this number.

He stressed that "the result of restrictions shows that two weeks ago we had 160 red cities, but now 130 of cities have turned orange."

The minister concluded that these conditions are not normal and people should continue to help improve the country's situation.


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