Tehran (IP)- The Defense Industry Organization of Iran's Mistry of Defense and the Support of Armed Forces has taken great steps in the field of military and weapon self-sufficiency in recent years, with the design and production of a variety of military vehicles, including armored vehicles.

One of the most important measure in this field is the design and production of the main tank of the battlefield, "Karrar" because the Iranian tank, which was designed and built in the Defense Ministry's Defense Industries Organization for three years which has been unveiled at the beginning of March 12, 2021, at the same time the production line was inaugurated. In fact, according to military experts, there is a very heavy Iranian promotion on the Russian "T-72", which has somehow made it look like a powerful, well- known "T - 90" tank.

Karrar is using a new motor with an optimized structure that is expected to be between 1,000 and 1200 horsepower. There is also the possibility of using the national diesel engine with 1300 - horsepower that its production line opened a while ago.

The tank is equipped with a computer fire control system and electro-optic equipment with a range of 10, 000 m, a ballistic computer, and capability to target fixed and moving targets at night and day, and the capability of precision firing missiles.

Specifically, in the area of targeting and optical equipment, Karrar tank has a third-generation computer fire control system, and its artillery monitoring and targeting systems include 1K13-49 night monitoring and targeting system belonging to T-72 tank (as a secondary site) and multi-channel monitoring and targeting system made by Iran's electronics industry (as the main site of firing).

The 1K13-49system for laser guidance of the ballistic missiles used in Karrar, ie the Thunder laser missile, has been installed on this tank. This laser-guided missile is currently produced in Iran.
In the weapons section, this tank is armed with a standard 125 mm cannon of the T-72 tank, which is a tested and safe weapon and can shoot a wide variety of ammunition at various targets.


A remote control machine gun is also installed on this tank that its user can easily activate it from inside the tank and shoot at the targets. This weapon control system has an optical system for monitoring and targeting.

This type of weapon remote control system is one of the upgrades that have recently been installed in the world's advanced tanks and armor and can rotate 360 ​​degrees and engage infantry and light targets. Inside the tank, several monitors are used to monitoring the area around the tank and target day and night and all weather conditions.

The digital navigation screen as well as the tank status screen are among the other monitors available in this tank. The combination of these cameras and monitors installed in the Karrar tank reduces the pressure on the crew and facilitates the operation.


The design of the Karrar tank turret and the protective cover installed on it are reminiscent of a "T90 MS" tank. The tank turret is almost completely covered with new armor and the sides of the turret are also covered with an integrated protective plate.

On the side and rear of the body, there are armored covers as well as cage armor, which are especially used against threats from anti-tank rockets such as RPG 7. A laser lock warning system made in Iran is one of the other protection systems installed on the Karrar tank.

This system is used to detect laser beams emitted from weapons guidance systems or laser range-finding systems of enemy equipment, warning and also the use of smoke grenades to create a camouflage smoke cover to protect the tank against laser-guided weapons.

The tank also has special covers to withstand heatwaves and can also hide from the view of thermal detectors. This is very important and effective in countering new anti-tank weapons and new target detection systems.

Karrar tank has the ability to cross areas with landforms, pits, rivers, and rocky places and move underwater, and has the ability to camouflage against anti-tank weapons. Karrar tank has high mobility even on steep slopes.

Also, the Karrar tank is equipped with a navigation system and its display for the tank driver and a machine gun automation system for firing from inside the war corridor in different conditions. In the field of survival, the Karrar tank is equipped with armor protection resistant to all types of anti-armor weapons and is camouflaged to protect against all types of anti-armor weapons.

Multi-spectrum camouflage, modern telecommunication facilities and digital battlefield management, and the ability to fight electronic warfare are other features of the Karrar tank.

According to Brigadier General Kiomars Heidari, commander of the Ground Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Karrar tank has 10 options more than modern tanks. This tank is considered as the art of the Ministry of Defense and is the best battlefield tank.


Specifications of Karrar tank: 

The main type: Battlefield tank

Manufacturer: Bani Hashem Droud Industries affiliated with the Ministry of Defense 

Production date: from 2016 until now 

Weight: 51 tons

Length: 7 meters (body length) 9.5 meters (including Cannon tube)

Width: 3.7 meters

Height: 2.3 meters

Crew: 3 (commander, driver, gunner)