The Information Minister of Yemen's National Salvation Government said that the United States is the mother and creator of terrorism.

Iran Press/Middle East: Zeifollah al-Shami tweeted on Saturday, "The United States is the mother and creator of terrorism and allows the shedding of nations' blood and aggression against other countries under false pretenses."

He made the remarks in response to the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh

"It is the United States that launched the war against Yemen from Washington, killing Yemenis and supporting ISIL and al-Qaeda elements," al-Shami added. "The country that occupied Iraq, massacred Iraqis, and deployed Takfiri elements in it, is the United States. The is the first supporter of Israel with all the crimes it has committed against the Palestinian people for more than 60 years. The US history is full of war and its name is stained with the blood of different nations."

Yemen's Minister of Information called on all freedom seekers around the world to launch a major Twitter campaign to expose US terrorist crimes around the world.