Tehran (IP) - Deputy Chairman of the Iranian Parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Abbas said that Saudi Arabia will lose its power by normalizing relations with the Zionist regime in the region.

Iran PressIran news: In an exclusive phone conversation with IP, Moqtadaei-Khorasgani added: “The United States has previously considered Arab rulers, including  Egypt, and Libya, as tools to achieve its goals, but now it has left them alone.”

Deputy Chairman of the Parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission stressed that Saudi Arabia is losing its place among Muslim nations due to its own wrongdoings and playing in the court of the United States and Israel.

Referring to the fact that Muslim nations do not value the actions or words of the Saudi regime, the Iranian parliamentarian stated that Saudi Arabia has violated the divine message that stresses independence from foreigners, and infidels, as well as the Saudi nation, will react to this.

Moqtadaei-Khorasgani highlighted: "Iran follows the principles of unity of the Islamic world, and those who betray the cause of the Islamic Ummah are doomed to destruction."

He advised the Saudi rulers to return to religious values because the Zionist regime and the United States are exploiting the gap created between the nation and the Saudi government to achieve their interests.

Moqtadaei-Khorasgani concluded: "Saudi Arabia must be careful not to fall into the trap of the United States and the Zionist regime anymore because neglecting the future of Saudi rulers will cause them fundamental problems and destruction."


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