Tehran (IP) - Iranian lawmakers stated that Iran’s Air Force's recent exercise is undoubtedly a source of joy and hope for the neighbors in the region.

 Iran PressIran news: Issuing a statement to appreciate Iran’s Air Force on Tuesday, Iranian lawmakers said that Iran’s regional neighbors would realize that the Islamic Republic has high defense capabilities.

They referred to the enemies’ claims that pressure on Iran afflicted the armed forces and stressed that not only the sanctions did not harm the armed forces, but they appeared much more substantial and empowered than before, using their domestic resources.

The statement also praised the Air Force’s defense equipment capability, such as intelligence drones and precision-guided missiles that hit the hypothetical enemy targets.

On behalf of the great nation of Islamic Iran, representatives of the Islamic Consultative Assembly also appreciate the sincere efforts of the commanders, officers, non-commissioned officers, and soldiers of the Air Force of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


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