Tehran (IP) - The South Korean ambassador to Iran, in a meeting with the parliamentary friendship group of Iran and South Korea in Iran's parliament, stressed Seoul's will to remove barriers to trade with Iran, adding that cooperation between the parliaments of the two countries plays an important role in increasing friendly interactions between the two countries.

Iran Press/Asia: Ruhollah Motafakker-Azad, the head of Iran-South Korea Parliamentary Friendship Group, met with South Korea's Ambassador to Iran Yu Jang Hian.

Criticizing US' inhumane policies in the world, Motafakker-Azad added: "Independent countries of the world will never allow their relations with others to be dictated by third parties."

The member of the presiding board of the parliament and the head of the friendship group added: "The importance of communication and cooperation between the two countries requires the obstacles to the development of cooperation to be removed as soon as possible."

Motafakker-Azad expressed hope that the level of relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and South Korea would be raised due to efforts ahead by the members of the parliamentary friendship group's efforts again.

Affirming that the boasting of relations between the two countries is very crucial, ambassador YU added: "Seoul will spare no effort to resolve the problems and obstacles in the path of economic and trade exchanges between the two countries."


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