Following South Korea's first export of medical supplies to Tehran in May upon receiving a sanctions exemption from the United States, Seoul was set to hold virtual talks with Tehran later Wednesday on expanding humanitarian trade including medicine exports.

Iran Press/Asia: The discussion will focus on how to match Iran's demand for medicine and medical equipment with the scale of South Korean exporters offers, the South Korean Ministry said in a release.

Deputy Foreign Minister for Economic Affairs Lee Seong-ho, will lead the South Korean side comprised of officials from other ministries and trade agencies.

Among the Iranian officials attending the meeting will be Mohammad Reza Shannehsaz, head of Iran's Food and Drug Administration, and its central bank officials.

In late May of this year, South Korea exported the first shipment worth of $ 500,000 medicine and medical supplies to Iran after receiving permission from Washington.

South Korea has been seeking to expand humanitarian exports to Iran to about $2 million, including coronavirus test kits and other supplies.

South Korea's foreign ministry said on June 06 that an inter-organizational and communications team has been set up by the country to facilitate and promote trade with Iran.

This comes after South Korea send $ 500,000 worth of pharmaceutical items to Iran and the South Korean embassy in Tehran announced that the Republic of Korea intends to send medical equipment worth $2 million to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

On July 16, Mahmoud Vaezi Iran's Chief of Presidential Staff called on the South Korean government to facilitate and accelerate Iran's access to its blocked funds in South Korea.

South Korea has been one of Iran's trading partners, refusing to release Iranian currency at its banks following US sanctions and threats to cooperate with Iran.

Earlier, the Iranian Government Spokesman Ali Rabiei referred to the Iranian blocked funds, saying: "We hope that the South Korean government will release the resources as soon as possible and solve the problems it has created. This will certainly have an impact on the prospects for bilateral relations and future cooperation."


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