Thousands of Pakistani protesters say protests will continue until the government ousts the French ambassador.

Iran PressAsia: Thousands of religious activists and supporters of the Labbaik movement, which launched an anti-French demonstration in downtown Rawalpindi, intending to advance on the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, met with police resistance.

The Supreme Council of the Labbaik Movement also announced that the Pakistani government should expel the French ambassador and recall its ambassador from Paris and cancel all trade and economic agreements between Pakistan and France.

The new wave of anti-French protests in Pakistani comes as the Islamabad government has summoned the French ambassador to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in recent weeks, protesting strongly against French President Emmanuel Macron's anti-Islamic stance and continuing Charlie Hebdo's insult to the Holy Prophet.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan on October 5 blamed the French president's stance on publishing insulting cartoons against the Prophet of Islam hurting the world's Muslim sentiments, adding: "Macron's remarks intensify Islamophobia and create an atmosphere for extremists."