Tehran (IP) - Head of Irancell company Bijan Abbasi-Arand said that knowledge-based companies and start-ups have a key role in improving the digital lifestyle.

Iran PressIran news: In an exclusive interview with Iran Press on Sunday evening, Abbasi-Arand said that Iran has lots of youth with initiative ideas that can take major steps if they are supported by big companies.

He went on to say that Irancell focuses on improving digital services in the country by cooperating and investing.

"Our new generation can put their ideas into practice if supported well," he highlighted.

Five new digital services have been offered by local startups recently, and we plan one new project monthly with the help of these companies, the head of Irancell company added.

He also referred to E-learning and E-health as important topics that are introduced to start-ups for more works and developing their ideas.


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