2020 election coverage:
Joe Biden launches transition website

Even though votes are still being counted in the US presidential election, Joe Biden has already launched a transition website aiming to prepare for the transfer of power from Donald Trump to him.

Iran PressAmerica: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on Wednesday unveiled their presidential transition website, despite there being no winner of Tuesday's vote.

The website, buildbackbetter.com, is designed to keep people informed of what Biden and Harris - if they win - will do in the weeks leading up to inauguration on January 20.

The launching of the website is while votes are still being counted in several states around the country.

The Associated Press reported that Biden had obtained 264 electoral votes to President Donald Trump's 214. A candidate must achieve 270 electoral votes to be declared president. Six states have yet to report a final voting result. The Trump administration has promised to legally challenge the results in some states.


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