The protests have been raging for over a week across the world

Protests against Emmanuel Macron have continued into their second week across the Muslim world over the insult to the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH).

Iran Press/Asia: In Kolkata, India, thousands of protesters took to the streets today to express their outrage, and burned a model depicting the French President.

In Bangladesh, Muslims rallied and called for a boycott of French goods whilst condemning Macron for his remarks defending the controversial cartoons.

Protesters also swarmed the streets of Pakistan and burned pictures of the French President. It comes as Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan accused Macron of attacking and hurting the sentiments of millions.   

The protests have been raging for over a week across the world.

In Jakarta, more than 2,000 demonstrators wearing white Islamic robes gathered in front of the French embassy to express their outrage.

The protesters chanted 'No defamation of the Prophet Muhammed' and burned an effigy of the French leader. 

Macron sparked protests across the Muslim world by saying France would never renounce its laws permitting the caricatures.


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