US elections updates:

The US presidential election figures from election maps show that Liberal candidate, Jo Jorgensen came in third in the November 3 election with 1,563,424 votes.

Iran PressAmerica: Because the US electoral system is electoral college-based and in 48 states, the winner of the popular vote wins all the electoral votes, there is no chance for a third party to win electoral votes.

According to the latest data, Libertarian Party (L.P.) presidential nominee Jo Jorgensen was polling nationally at around 1.8 percent, and above the margin between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden in five states: Ohio, Texas, Georgia, Iowa, and (in scant polling) Alaska.

The current results for the 46th US presidential election show that the Democratic candidate Joe Biden is ahead with 238 electoral college votes over his rival Donald Trump with 213 electoral college votes.


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