The results counted about 5 million votes in Texas, and currently Joe Biden is ahead of Donald Trump.

Iran PressAmerica: Tom Perez, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, says there are several ways Biden can win. He means that the Democratic candidate can get the required 270 votes in the Electoral College in several ways and get to the White House.

Perez named three states in which if Biden wins, he would win the 2020 election, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. He says Democrats won the 2018 midterm elections in these three states.

currently Biden in Texas is ahead of Trump.

As the US presidential election is underway, many in the United States are worried about widespread social unrest following the announcement of the results.

US President Donald Trump has repeatedly claimed in his campaign rallies that his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, would have rigged the election if Biden announces winning the election.

Texas is one of the most important states for elections. The state has 38 electoral colleges, while California has the most electoral college votes with 55 votes.

Most polls show Trump winning, but for the first time in decades, the state is competitive.