'Karar' UAV bomber hits ground targets in aerial drills

Isfahan (IP) - On the second day of Iran's ninth "Fadayeeyan Hareem Velayat" (The Devotees of the Velayat Sanctuary) aerial exercise, Karrar UAV Bomber successfully hit ground targets with 500-pound bombs.

Iran PressIran News: The Spokesman for the ninth 'Fadaiyan-e Harim-e Velayat' aerial exercise Brigadier General Farhad Goodarzi said that for the first time, home-grown 'Karrar' bomber hit ground targets with 500-pound bombs.

General Goodarzi noted that the 500-pound bombs were used earlier by F-4 and F-5 aircraft and in this exercise successfully tested on the Karar UAV Bomber.

"Karrar drones also conducted an electronic warfare operation to counter the virtual enemy in the arena of the anti-missile operation," he added.

The military spokesman said: "Teams that are present in the area of the drill at this stage and specialize in modern warfare fields countered the chemical attack of the virtual enemy, and the modern warfare group of Iran's Army Air Force used a variety of localized decontamination systems to counter the chemical attack of the enemy."

On the second day of Iran's ninth aerial exercise of 'Fadayeeyan Hareem Velayat,' F-4 heavy bombers destroyed preplanned targets using Maverick air-to-surface missiles and Qased smart bombs.

In another part of the wargame, F-4 fighter jets and bombers and MiG-29 interceptor aircrafts successfully destroyed ground and air targets using optimized and upgraded missiles in the real environment of electronic warfare.

The main stage of the ninth phase of the annual aerial drills, with the name of 'Fadayeeyan Hareem Velayat,' and with the holy codename 'Ya Sadeq Al-Mohammad (AS)' began in Isfahan, central Iran."


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