Iran, Bosnia seeking expansion of ties

Sarajevo (IP) - Iran's Ambassador to Sarajevo and Head of Bosnia and Herzegovina's Ministers Council stressed the importance of expanding the relations between the two countries.

Iran PressEurope: In a meeting with Zoran Tegletia on Friday, Reza Qalichkhan put emphasis on providing the necessary bases to facilitate the cooperation of the private sectors of the two countries.

Iran's Qalichkhan referred to the approach of the Islamic Republic of Iran to support stability in the Balkan region and said that country has always been a supporter of Bosnia's independence and territorial integrity as well as the peaceful coexistence of all Bosnian tribes.

He also pointed to Iran's outstanding actions in the fight against extremism in Western Asia and noted: "Iran, with the cooperation of some countries in the region, has been a pioneer in the fight against extremism and Daesh, and in this way has provided many services to the international community."

The Head of Bosnia and Herzegovina's Ministers Council welcomed the comprehensive expansion of his country's ties with Iran and expressed hope that with the corona restrictions removed, Iranian businessmen and traders in Bosnia and Herzegovina will continue to work.


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