The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) strongly condemned the insulting statements of the French authorities against the Holy Prophet of Islam (PBUH) on Friday night.

Iran Press/Middle East: In this statement, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation condemned the insult of some French media and officials to the Holy Prophet of Islam (PBUH) and stated that the continuation of such insulting acts will damage France's relations with Islamic countries.

The trend of anti-Islamism and mockery of Muslim beliefs in France has intensified in recent years, as pressure on Muslims under the pretext of fighting terrorism and extremism has increased significantly.

In recent years, the French magazine Charlie Hebdo has repeatedly published insulting cartoons about the Holy Prophet of Islam (PBUH).

This insulting act has met with widespread condemnation in the Islamic world.

But the French government and President Emmanuel Macron, instead of taking steps to reduce propaganda attacks on Islam and Muslims, insulting religions and sanctities has been considered a measure of freedom of expression.

The French government has made insults to religions and sanctities a measure of freedom of expression while criminalizing the denial of the alleged Holocaust.


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