Heidar Ali Balouji, Iran's representative to the First Committee of the UN General Assembly, in response to the Saudi ambassador's allegations against Iran, has said that Saudi Arabia should be held accountable for its covert nuclear activities.

Iran PressEurope: Iran's representative to the First Committee of the UN General Assembly, Heidar Ali Balouji, denied the Saudi ambassador's baseless allegations at the First Committee of the UN General Assembly on Monday evening, adding that Iran has always presented peace plans to stabilize the West Asian region, but the Saudis have not accepted the initiative and have continued their failed policies of military solutions or attempts to accuse Iran.

Abdullah al-Moallem, Saudi Arabia's permanent representative to the United Nations, reiterated baseless allegations against Iran, calling the reduction of the Islamic Republic's obligations under the JCPOA, which took place based on Articles 26 and 36, a violation of the agreement, and claiming that Iran was destabilizing the region.

Emphasizing that Iran's nuclear activities are completely transparent, Balouji said: "Iran cooperates fully with the IAEA and the Director-General of the body has explicitly confirmed Iran's cooperation in his latest reports and statements."

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Iran's representative has stated that Riyadh is not fully implementing the Comprehensive Safeguards Agreement, adding that Saudi Arabia will not even submit its current program to the IAEA for approval, as the International Atomic Energy Agency has repeatedly requested.

Emphasizing that the identification of Saudi nuclear sites requires extensive international support and collective efforts, Balouji said that halting nuclear aid to Saudi Arabia was the only way to decrease those concerns.


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