Tehran (IP)- In the year of Surge in Production, one of the important goals is to improve the ability to strengthen domestic production in a stable and sustainable manner leading to boost the country's economy and its productivity in favor of the development and progress of the country.

Iran Press/Iran News: In this regard, the permanent exhibition of Railway Self-Sufficiency Jihad was inaugurated with the presence of the Minister of Defense and Support of the Armed Forces, Brigadier General Amir Hatami, and the Minister of Roads and Urban Development, Mohammad Eslami.

The message of this exhibition is that all items in the field of railway industry are domestically made, and items that are not produced in the country are offered to be on the agenda of knowledge-based companies.

The Minister of Roads and Urban Development, Mohammad Eslami, regarding the sustainable impact of this exhibition on the country's economy, told reporters: "With the formation of our chain in supply and procurement of rail transport infrastructure and rail industry, we enjoy good capacities for exports in the region.

The Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran is standing by the Iran Railway to achieve this goal.

In this regard, Gen. Hatami told reporters: "This is a tested path for us. Forty years ago, we faced this situation, and this approach to diligence promoted our self-sufficiency.

This exhibition, which is permanently located at the railway station of the Islamic Republic of Iran, has provided a good opportunity for negotiations between the customer and the domestic supplier.


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