The White House heavy atmosphere following Trump test positive for coronavirus

The heavy and inflammatory atmosphere has overshadowed the White House, following Trump tested positive for coronavirus. ِAn informed official close to Trump has said that the next 24 hours are vital for the way the United States will be managed.

Iran PressAmerica: "Donald Trump and his wife Melania have tested positive for COVID-19, throwing the country's leadership and the 2020 election into uncharted territory," CNBC reported on Friday night.

Following Trump has been diagnosed with the coronavirus infection and its impact on the US economy, including the stock market and oil, a number of Trump advisers have pressured him to appear in public to calm the country.

Donald Trump announced just before 1 a.m. ET that he and first lady Melania Trump tested positive for the coronavirus.

The announcement immediately throws into question the nature of the remaining 32 days of the campaign, including the last two presidential debates. The next one is scheduled for Oct. 15 in Miami.

According to the report, the atmosphere in the White House is currently very heavy and inflamed, and everyone is in fear and panic and is afraid of their own health.

The second debate between Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden in the 2020 elections is scheduled for October 15, and the US President's coronation could make it difficult.


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