The ambassador and permanent representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran at the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva Esmaeil Baqaei Hamaneh said that the UAE and Bahrain's attempt to normalize relations with the Zionist regime caused the loss of the rights of the oppressed Palestinian people.

Iran PressEurope: Iranian ambassador Baqaei Hamaneh criticized the UAE and Bahrain for their recent move to normalize diplomatic relations with the Israeli regime and said: "This will destroy the rights of the oppressed Palestinian people while strengthening the sense of immunity of the occupiers of al-Quds."

The ambassador warned that the organized repression of the Palestinians by the Zionist regime has become more brutal as the bombing and siege of Gaza continues, and that ethnic cleansing, occupation, and the destruction of homes in the Palestinian territories have become a routine.

"International law does not matter to the Israeli repressors who continue to occupy the Golan Heights and the Lebanese territories," Hamaneh said.

He stressed that the crimes of the Zionist regime will end only when the occupation ends and the rights of the Palestinians are restored, noting that the governments have a moral and legal duty to hold the Israeli regime accountable for the most serious crimes to the international community.


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