Former VP and Democrat hopeful Joe Biden told US President Donald Trump to 'shut up' during the US Presidential Debate on Tuesday evening

Iran PressAmerica: Joe Biden during the first segment was asked by Chris Wallace on what he thought about packing the Supreme Court, asking him if he supported the same or stood for ending the filibuster.

"Whatever position I take, it will become an issue," said Biden refusing to share his stance on the matter.

Evading the question, Biden turned to the camera and said, "The issue is that the American people should speak. Vote now. Make sure you let your senators know."

In between his monologue, Trump relentlessly interrupted Biden asking him why he was not answering the question to which an exasperated Biden replied, "I will not answer the question", and then "Will you shut up, man? This is so unpresidential."

The moderator then jumped in saying, "Gentlemen we have ended the segment."


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