Iran (IP)- Iran's Judiciary Chief, Ebrahim Raisi said that this branch of government considers it its duty to support a boost to the production, as well as to fight economic corruption.

Iran Press/Iran News: "With judicial support, we are trying to provide investors and producers with peace of mind, and today production is a central issue, and we should not allow any factory to get closed or semi-closed and the producers to be beaten," Raisi said on Monday.

He stated: "The commanders of Iran's Islamic Republic Guard Corps (IRGC) and the army did not hesitate to carry out the late Imam Khomeini's order to break the siege of Abadan, and today, when the Leader of Iran's Islamic Revolution issued an order to preserve the national value, economists should rely on the years of the holy defense to implement this command immediately."

"The lesson of sacred defense for today is to do something to make people feel at ease," he said.

"According to some comments, the enemy has been recognized as the root of inefficiencies, and this will encourage the enemy; it is the enemy's duty to create enmity, it is on the officials to be able to solve the problems with the great capacity of the country's manpower and valuable reserves," Raisi added.

The Judiciary chief went on to say: "We have no doubt that we will pass this stage successfully. The nation has always been the key to the defeat of the enemy, and it will be the same today; moreover, the enemy is trying to normalize murder and crime by relying on human rights."

He stressed: "The United States and some European countries are the centers of crime and the founder of torture. No blame or threat should be placed in the hearts of colleagues. Courage and the issuance of a ruling by God Almighty will be a source of happiness for the judiciary, the nation, and the country."


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