Tehran (IP) – Iran's Interior Minister Abdoreza Rahmani Fazli, in a meeting with the governors-general on Monday, stated that the country's internal security issues are constantly monitored and there have been no specific security challenges from the borders to the cities of Iran.

Iran Press/Iran News: The Minister noted: "the country's internal security issues are constantly monitored and that all councils should be more active than before because all cases have a special national security dimension."

"In the economic field, economic problems, people's livelihood, the abundance of goods, and preventing unemployment are among the priorities of the Interior Ministry and the government," Rahmani Fazli stated.

On political issues, Rahmani Fazli expressed that the priority is to unite the people and give hope to them because the elections of 2021 are approaching and the most important of them is the Presidential election.

In the social sphere, social harms are important, because people are facing the coronavirus outbreak, imposed sanctions, rising prices, and market instability; but still, the people know their enemies and are resisting and the authorities are obliged to facilitate the conditions for better, the minister added.

Governors-general have met today at the Interior Ministry with the Interior Minister Abdoreza Rahmani Fazli in attendance to discuss the latest on social, economic, and political issues.


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