Tehran (IP) -Iran's Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli stated that those guilds and units which have been economically impacted during the coronavirus outbreak will be supported.

Iran PressIran News: Highlighting the nation's enthusiasm to invest in the stock market as well as the significant steps taken in this regard, Rahmani Fazli stated: "Some fluctuations exist which will be monitored by experts to stop provoking the public opinion."

"Some media outlets are to smear against Iran's stock market", Rahmani Fazli stressed, saying: "Discussions were underway on the medicine market at the meeting of Economic Information Coordination Headquarters, and, with the coordination of the Ministry of Health and the Central Bank, it will not be a problem to allocate medicine resources, and the Ministry of Health promised that the supplies will be provided by the end of the current Iranian year."

Rahmani Fazli said: "The view of the meeting is that we can, together with public opinion and communication with the officials, impact the situation in such a way that all economic activities undergo their natural and expert basis, and people could be accurately informed."

Regarding the issue of oil sales, the Interior Minister said: "Last week, there were two plans for oil, one of which was a long-term plan to sell 200 million barrels of oil, which was discussed at the meeting of the heads of three branches of the government and approved in general."

He added: "Necessary care was to be taken in the executive regulations, and this plan will be presented whenever it is prepared."

Rahmani Fazli continued: "Another plan was to sell oil induction bonds, which the Ministry of Oil has a legal license in the budget for it, but because it was delayed a bit and it was announced before the final approval of this issue, it created an expectation in the market and the people. Required in such large-scale projects, they should have information appendix to persuade the people so that the people do not suffer from instability and poor decision-making in their economic relations."

"The enemies are fueling instability in the media, and we hope that by providing accurate information on all issues, we will be able to better manage the current economic situation in public opinion," he said.


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