Kish Island (IP) - The CEO of Pars Saeed Air Conditioning Company said that the tourist places of Kish Island will be equipped with disinfectants with hidden UV rays and ozone gas.

Iran PressIran News: Speaking at a press conference on Monday in the presence of the chairman of Kish City Council, Amir Saeed Maliki added: "Equipping tourist complexes, offices and businesses with disinfectants to kill viruses and bacteria, especially coronavirus before the cold season will be done quickly."

The CEO of Pars Saeed Ventilation Industries Company said that the new device can destroy the coronavirus by observing health protocols.

Amir Saeed Maliki went on to say: "The model of the Iranian device is offered in the United States at a price of $ 4,750, which is not similar to the Iranian device in the market, but the Iranian model of this device is available to the public at one-fifteenth of the American price."

Head of the Kish City Council, Mohammad Taheri also said that Kish Island's tourism revenue decreased during the corona era, but efforts will be made to increase tourism by equipping the island's tourist facilities with disinfectants to kill the coronavirus.

Taheri went on to say: "The production of a device which can kill the coronavirus has a positive effect on the tourism boom, and new disinfection devices will be installed at the entries of Kish Island."


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