Tehran (IP) - Iran's Health Minister Saeed Namaki expressed that the history of resistance cinema is a new history in the art of Iranian cinema as a complete art in the world.

Iran Press/Iran News: Delivering a speech in the closing ceremony of the Resistance Film Festival, Namaki added that resistance does not only mean tolerating force, but also the formation of culture.

Namaki pointed to the faithful help of the people, the support of the armed forces and the Basij organization amid the coronavirus outbreak, and stated that with the coronavirus epidemic in the country, health defenders also created a new epic.

"Sacred Defense is a sign of the strong will of Iranian people," Secretary of the Resistance Film Festival Mahdi Azimi Mirabadi expressed.

He also noted that Sacred Defense is a sign of the strong will of the Iranian people against the enemies.

Mahdi Azimi added that the Iranian did their duty in the Sacred Defense and resistance against the enemy and now they are victorious.

"Committed artists and filmmakers of the Sacred Defense around the world must try to make the nations of the world aware of the Sacred Defense," Azimi concluded.

"130 countries participated in the call for the 16th Resistance Film Festival and 9,000 works were presented in various formats, including short films, television shorts film, and documentaries," he reiterated.

"3700 foreign films from the United States, France, Britain, surrounding nations, and Palestine are presented at the festival."

Azimi stressed that the media and filmmakers should portray the greatness of the common epic in the international arena at the height of sanctions against Iran and leave it as a memory for future generations.

16th Resistance Film Festival was held on last Monday in Tehran on the occasion of Sacred Defense week and yesterday (Sunday) the closing ceremony was held in the presence of artists, filmmakers, military, and national officials.


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