Tehran (IP) - Advisor to the commander-in-chief in the field of defense industries and armed forces logistics on expressed that the victory of the Islamic Revolution dealt the greatest historical blow to the United States and pulled Iran out of the clutches of Western colonialism.

Iran Press/Iran news: Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan, advisor to the commander-in-chief in the field of defense industries and armed forces logistics, on Thursday in Hamedan, western Iran, stated: "After the victory over the infidel front, the Iranian nation declared the US presence in the region 'illegitimate' and considered 'defending Israel' as illegitimate and undesirable {task}."

Dehqan noted: "The United States believed that by withdrawing  JCPOA, along with 'maximum pressure', Iran's economic system would collapse in less than three months, followed by the overthrown of the Islamic system by creating chaos and unrest."

"The United States has learned great lessons from its experiences. However, it is likely that based on the misconceptions, it will create a new front against Iran, which will also be accompanied by a regrettable response."

Pointing out that the US President has faced an identity crisis in the West, he said: "Donald Trump at the United Nations, which should be the place and symbol of world peace and security, has proudly issued assassination order of  Lt Gen. Soleimani, while it's a claimant of  world leadership, human rights, and civilization."


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