Iran (IP)- The inauguration ceremony of the pilot project for the integration of Traditional Iranian Medicine in the health care system of Ardakan city (Yazd province) held on Thursday morning, September 24, 2020.

Iran Press/Iran News: In this ceremony, which is held in the presence of the Minister of Health, Treatment, and Medical Education Saeed Namaki via video conferencing and local officials while observing health protocols, Iranian medicine services are to be integrated in the Ardakan health network system and its successful implementation can be a model for other health networks in the country.

The implementation of this project has been on the agenda for about a year and now the scientific, executive, monitoring, and evaluation committees of the project have been formed and with its official opening, training courses on the content of the project will be held for welfare educators and health experts.

Iranian medicine or better described as Traditional Iranian Medicine (TIM), as an integral part of the country's long-standing culture, with its teachings based on lifestyle modification can have significant effects on disease prevention, and the health care network system, as the most basic structure in the country's health system, plays an important role in preventing disease and protecting the health of the community, and with the implementation of the project to integrate Iranian medical services in this integrated system, a suitable ground will be provided for people to benefit from the services in this field.

This project, by which Traditional Iranian Medicine in the health care network system will be integrated, had already been piloted in 9 universities of medical sciences and will be implemented in the Ardakan health care network system after solving some problems in the implementation phase of the project. It can be a model for other health networks in the country.


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